Mermaid Enterprises has a vast range of technology experience. Everything from writing assembler code for specialized processors, designing global network management systems, to developing relational database systems.

While the old adage of developing efficient code to maximize the effeciency of the available hardware has given way to high level development tools to facilitate rapid application development, business, small business in particular has not been effective in leveraging this. In many cases, the core of the problem is these businesses have no idea what can be done to help them and where to find this help.

Putting a computer on everyones desk, and buying spreadsheets and word processors is certainly more effective than the old typing pool, but its like buying a sports car as a utility vehicle for a farm. It may work to some degree, but it isn't an optimal fit.

Our goal is to assist you to find the right tools - maybe even work with you to build tools that specifically meet your unique requirements. Wither it be a simple web site, and infrastructure project or a software development project, you owe it to yourself to give us a call and get informed. Armed with knowledge, good solid business decions can be made.

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The Right Solution

Technology should free you to focus on your business.  It should be an integral part of your business process, but it should be an enabler, not a hurdle.

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